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Fruit Purees

Weambard International Technology Inc. Aseptic Fruit Purees are all HACCP certified and are GMP certified. All aseptic puree shelf-life are at least within 12 months, in ambient temperature. We also have several other certifications for certain fruit products like: (EU - Organic certification, Halal, Kosher, USFDA, China FDA, Japan FDA, EU FDA and many more!) Available standard sizes are in 25KG aseptic bag in boxes and 220KG Drums. 

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Dried Fruit and Nuts

The first of its kind, Weambard International Technology Inc. has pioneered creating different flavored dried fruits as tasty snacks. Taste the burst of flavors of tropical fruits in every fruit bite. You can use it as toppings for your desserts, cakes, pastries, yogurt, oatmeal, and may more!  

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Bottling Service

Weambard International Technology Inc has a bottling service for your fruit puree, sweetened puree, or even ready to drink format juice needs. 


Tunnel Freezer IQF Technology

IQF - Individual Quick Freezing Technology are fruits or vegetables that are passed through tunnel freezing, which decreases drip loss of the fruit or vegetables which makes the product as fresh as possible after thawing. You can visibly see that the item is intact, and with a very small amount of ice crystals. 


Essential Oils & Powders

In pursuing a greener footprint, the company has developed a “Zero Waste” program, wherein, fruit peels are processed into high value products, instead of throwing them away. Weambard has created its own technology to make innovative by-products (calamansi & dalandan essential oils, calamansi & mango powders) which can be used as ingredients for cosmetic, personal care, wellness, and food & drink products. Our newest food supplement has even secured its US Provisional Patent and product registration approval from the Philippine FDA recently. Initiatives like this will help the company strengthen & transform its core business strategy from a commodity-based business into a technology-based company. 

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