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WEAMBARD INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY INC. is a food processer, toll manufacturer & exporter engaged in the processing of fresh tropical fruits into aseptic or frozen packed fruit purees e.g. mango, calamansi, dalandan, guava, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, coconut water, coconut cream & milk, and others. It operates from a modern, international-standard facility that utilizes a fully automated puree processing line and is operated by professionals with more than 25-years of experience in the food processing industry to ensure quality compliance. The plant is accessibly located in Guiguinto, Bulacan, around 30 km north of Metro-Manila, situated next to the food producing basket of Central Luzon, for convenient raw material fruit sourcing.

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Zero Waste Program

In pursuing a greener footprint, the company has developed a “Zero Waste” program, wherein, fruit peels are processed into high value products, instead of throwing them away. Weambard has created its own technology to make innovative by-products (calamansi & dalandan essential oils, calamansi & mango powders) which can be used as ingredients for cosmetic, personal care, wellness, and food & drink products. Our newest food supplement has even secured its US Provisional Patent and product registration approval from the Philippine FDA recently. Initiatives like this will help the company strengthen & transform its core business strategy from a commodity-based business into a technology-based company

Our Company

Our company is committed in conducting all our dealings in an honest, fair, and professional manner to nurture relationships founded on mutual trust and respect with our customers. For further information regarding our company and products, you may visit our website at You may also contact us anytime at We look forward to discussing your supply requirements and start developing a long-term business partnership.

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